Our Technology

The WebExaminer platform, FASTCAT, is at the heart of what we offer clients. FASTCAT delivers comprehensive and effective exam authoring, delivery and reporting. It saves time and money by automating the processes related to the delivery and tracking; marking and analysis of tests and assessments.

However, it is our commitment to creating the right e-assessment solution for each client that makes FASTCAT so powerful. We are always innovating and developing because that is what our clients need. We created the unique MathX tool that enables our clients to create questions with mathematical formulae without having to upload a specific graphic each time. We have also developed the technology to handle the unique question format of GMAT.

We are a leading provider and developer of Computer Adaptive Testing where questions are selected in real-time to reflect the answers already given. This dramatically shortens the amount of testing needed to assess a subject by eliminating questions that are too easy or irrelevant.

Our clients handle sensitive and confidential data whether it is medical information or academic exam results. Our server is utterly secure and reliable. We provide support 24/7, 365 days a year together with a 5 nines level of server reliability.

The entire WebExaminer platform can be branded with your 'look and feel'. We provide clients with a testing platform that not only works the way they need but also looks how they want it to.

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