Our platform

FASTCAT, our platform, is intuitive, clear and easy to use. Our clients find learning to use our FASTCAT easy and they quickly become experts themselves. People sitting tests can focus on the answers and so provide accurate and fair assessments.

Our platform is extremely versatile. It can be integrated to any type of corporate program and management or reporting systems. Webexaminer can host a testing service for you or you can install the software on your internal servers with tests linked directly to your website. It can branded with your colour palette and logo. We offer Single Sign ON (SSO) so your users don't need a separate WebExaminer login.


All our test engines offer the full range of features that make authoring questions and designing effective tests straightforward. These include;

  • Content Management with comprehensive Item bank
  • Question authoring and editing with image and document uploads available as standard
  • All question formats supported and the potential for developing new formats
  • MathX tool for questions using complex mathematical and scientific formulae without uploading graphics
  • Randomisation of questions and answers
  • Easy authoring of tests and test templates
  • Candidate Management
  • Automated Test Delivery with time and date limits
  • SSL-secured site

To find out more about how easy the features are to use please have a look at our "How to..." videos.

Results and Reports tools

Our clients and their students receive test results and analysis instantly. Clients also have access to a suite of tools including;

  • Student assessment including recommendations and proficiency rating
  • Student percentile ranking within peer group and at-risk notification
  • Gains measurement over time and across tests for each student
  • Automated issuing of certificates
  • Strand analysis showing break down of scores by strand or sub-topic
  • Comparative analysis across schools, classes and age groups
  • Speed analysis showing average times for each question, overall exam times and breaks taken
  • Onine search function allowing quick and easy access to all results for each student

Incident reporting

Our platform very reliable but we don't take anything for granted. Our Tracker system allows clients to report any issue, big or small, to us instantly. Our support team then investigate and resolve the issue. The Tracker includes;

  • Email notification tailored to the client's preferences
  • A tool for adding screen shots of the issue
  • A full history of each issue and a search function to check on any unresolved issues
  • RDBMS back-end
  • Fully security audit

Testing Engines


Our Item Response Theory (IRT) engine determines mastery of a topic or subject using the fewest number of test items. This is a psychometric model which works by matching questions the abilities of examinees resulting in improved measurement and better score reliability.


This static testing engine with all examinees presented the same fixed number of items with the sequence and difficulty of all questions are configured in advance.


This CAT engine can deliver adaptive testing using a smaller bank of items. It allows you to set a quick adaptive test, for instance for pre-interview, without the need for the extensive question bank needed for full adaptive testing.


An adaptive engine designed for K-12 student placement tests that accurately assesses a student's skill level and makes a recommendation as to which grade the student would be best placed.

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