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We work with education providers and online schools across the world. We provide them with innovative solutions to assess, test and monitor their students within a system tailored to their specific needs and formats., a leading online school in the United States, use our FASTCAT platfom to assess new students and place them in the most appropriate grade. The adaptive tests our platform deliver have cut the time taken for an assessment from as much as two days to just one hour. The platform delivers a data driven decision on grading instantly. also use our platform to test and monitor their students' progress because it is perfect for their fast paced high volume business.

We customise our testing platform to meet the needs of each client, creating innovative solutions as we go. We have developed a groundbreaking tool for authoring questions that require mathematical formulae using text rather than graphics and adapted our platform so that it can handle the unique GMAT question format in response to the needs of our clients.

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