Frequently Asked Questions

What is WebExaminer?

WebExaminer is a proven, reliable and scalable platform for online assessment.

WebExaminer includes an easy to use online tool for setting tests that are taken by students in a web browser. Customers provide their own subject matter and upload their question bank.

Tools included are an authoring suite used by professional setters to compose and upload questions and teachers or tutors to quickly create custom tests. We offer a modern, intuitive web portal where students can sit tests and where parents, teachers and tutors can view the results as soon as tests are taken.

Internet or Intranet?

We can host your online assessments for you on our FASTCAT server. Alternatively you can purchase a local installation pack license which you can install to your internal server.


WebExaminer is compatible with all leading Browsers (FireFox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla).

What happens if a connection failure occurs whilst the student is sitting a test?

If any kind of server connection failure occurs the test will be restarted from the point at which the connection was broken the next time the applicant logs in.

When are the results available?

Results are published online instantly the test is completed allowing immediate decision-making.

What is Your Web Based Test Authoring and Test Management System?

A tool that lets customers create, publish, administer and deliver tests on the web.

What is required to get started?
a) Purchase a License from Us.
b) Add your users (students, parents, administrators, editors, authors) onto the system
c) Upload your item bank of questions or create questions online using our authoring tool
d) Create your tests
e) Publish the tests to your students
How long will it take me to get up and running?

You can be up and running in a couple of hours with all your students being able to sit any tests published to them.

Tests and question maintenance.

You can update your questions at any time via the web based administration interface.

How do I advise my students about the tests they need to sit?

An automated e-mail notifies each student when they have an test to sit. The e-mail contains a hyperlink of the Webexaminer test centre url, their login id and password. When the student logs in they see all the tests you have published to them.

How often can a student sit the test?

This is under your exam administrators control and is configurable for each test.

How many students can take a test?

When you purchase your license you indicate the number of students you wish to have access your tests. If you find you need to increase your user-base simply top up your account.

For further details of the service please refer to Our Technology..

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