Corporate applications of e-assessments

We can offer companies a range of testing tools that will save time and resources. Whether it is customer or employee satisfaction or assessments for health and safety or professional development and training, an e-assessment may be quicker, more effective and easier to manage than traditional methods.

The most popular use of e-assessments by companies is in pre-hire testing. Companies need to recruit staff with the right skills and technical abilities to do the job. Finding the right candidates and getting a real understanding of their skills and knowledge is difficult and very time consuming. Even if you have the time to go through the hundreds of CVs you receive, how can you be sure that the candidate is as good as they say they are?

Our pre-hire testing solutions will help you find the right candidates with the right skills and ability. We will do everything for you; registering applicants, organising an online test for them and analysing the results. We have a library of tests for the key software packages but we can also develop tests to find the specific attributes you are looking for.

The outcome is that you only spend time and money interviewing the candidates that are best suited to the role.

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