Adaptive testing

We are a leading provider of adaptive test development and psychometric analysis.

Computer Adaptive Testing means that a questionnaire or test is adapted in real-time to reflect the answers already given. Our FASTCAT system will generate more difficult questions if a student is getting answers right and easier questions if the student is getting answers wrong.

It is very useful in quickly and effectively assessing a person's initial level of proficiency as it replaces the traditional, more linear, approach of working through levels one at a time. Students are given a unique test that reflects and assesses precisely their ability. This saves time and resources for both testers and students.

The analytical tools in adaptive testing can also be used to assess progress and even predict performance in future tests.

Adaptive testing requires a database or bank of questions that are given values on the difficulty, discrimination (slope or correlation) and guess probability. We will help you develop the item bank and the calibration you need to support effective adaptive testing.

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