Galore Park and the GOPrep Syllabus Framework

Galore Park is the leading publisher of educational textbooks for pupils aged 7-16 studying at independent schools. Galore Park's courses and books are used by over 80% of independent prep schools and an ever-increasing number of senior schools. It is the sole distributor of Independent Schools Exam Board Common Entrance papers for 11+ and 13+.

The clear, accessible content and separate answer books are used for independent study at home as well as for classroom use.

Galore Park set us a double challenge. They needed to set their traditional exams online so that they would be available to students and schools. The papers exams contained multi-part questions that had to be accurately transposed online. They also wanted an attractive and intuitive platform where questions were easily uploaded and teachers could quickly build custom tests from an easy to use item bank.

We designed a simple way to upload existing questions and adapted our authoring tool so new questions could be created directly online. Importantly, each question is tagged by educational purpose, level, key stage, attainment target, subject, topic and difficulty. Questions can also be linked to specific Galore Park textbooks, and even chapters or pages of those book, creating a complete syllabus framework called GOPrep.

GOPrep allows teachers and examiners to quickly create by searching for questions by key tags. The framework benefits students as test results can be analysed instantly to identify any weaknesses and automatically recommend textbooks for further learning.

We listened carefully to what Galore Park wanted to achieve. We understood not only their needs but also those of their customers; the schools, teachers and students. We designed an e-assessment tool that benefited everyone. By applying the powerful features of our platform, we built a system that integrated seamlessly into the way Galore Park worked. We are proud that the solution we found is helping our client work better.

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